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Holistic Healing Practitioner

Tarot Cards Readings

Tarot Cards are an ancient method of divination and prediction; the cards have a complex and rich symbolism with a long history. Each card in the deck has its significance, which depends not only on the particular card but also the position it appears in the layout, whether it is the right way up or upside down, and its relation to other cards nearby.

The Tarot can address two possible styles of reading. In Question Readings, you are addressing a specific question. A definite yes or no answer may not be obvious, but even if so the reading will provide a guide to help you make the decision yourself. For this reason, the way you state the question is very important. Your questions should:

  • Keep your options open. If you have a preconcieved answer before the reading, then this will not allow the cards to guide your overall decision.
  • Find the best level of detail. Your question should be focused, but not too detailed. Rather than looking at one particular aspect of a problem, find a way to look more broadly at it.
  • Focus on yourself. If the reading is for yourself, make sure your question focuses on you and what you need to do, rather than on someone else.
  • Be positive. Make sure your question is stated in a positive rather than negative way. Instead of asking why something you expect hasn't happened, ask what you can do to help make that event happen.

Open Readings address the wider aspects of your life, rather than a specific problem area or question. They are usually done when you are entering a new phase of life, or contemplating a major lifestyle change. You can somewhat direct the reading if you have a general area you want to cover, such as career or health, but that is as specific as the direction can be.

Tarot Cards Layout

During the reading I will set out the cards in a number of possible layouts, depending on the depth and complexity of the questions that you wish to be answered. While this is happening, both of us will concentrate on the questions and your hopes for the future; your intuitive ability (which everyone possesses, even if we do not always trust it) will guide the fall of the cards. When the layout is complete, I will interpret the cards and explain their meanings as they apply to you. I will guide you throughout your reading session, which normally takes about 1 hour.

The cost of a one-to-one reading session is £75. If you are unable to come to me then I can also perform the reading session remotely via telephone or Skype. For a remote reading you should, if at all possible, have your phone or computer in a private and quiet place where we will both be able to concentrate on the reading.

If you would like to take a more active part in your reading, or you would like to find more specific understanding and guidance for your current situation, then you may wish to consult the Angel Cards.