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Holistic Healing Practitioner

Chakra Balancing & Spiritual Healing

The 7 Chakras

Chakras (coming from the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’) originated in the ancient Hindu system of healing dating back many thousands of years. Yogis use the chakra system as an integral part of holistic and spiritual healing. Every living thing, and also the Earth, has chakras. There are hundreds of chakras within and around you, but most yogis and healers are only concerned with the seven major ones.

The chakras are traditionally visualised as spinning vortexes of various colours. The chakras collect and direct energy; each one affects a different area of the body. All seven chakras need to be balanced, clear, energized, and properly spinning. When all of the chakras reach their optimimal energy flow and harmony, the entire physical vibration of the human body is raised and it runs smoothly as a single entity.

If your chakras are blocked, under-utilised or overloaded, this affects the Chi (life force) and its spiritual connection. You may feel depressed, out of touch, tired, unable to think clearly, or listless. You may get angry for no reason, be afraid, be unsure of yourself, lack self-confidence, or be unhappy without any obvious reason, or just have a general negative outlook on life. All of these can indicate that you have a problem to resolve that is chakra based.

To resolve any problems and reestablish harmony and balance, you need to maintain the correct energy flow through each chakra. During your charkra balancing session I will identify the chakras that are out of balance and then reestablish their equilibrium, by using meditation and breathing exercises tailor made for you.

The cost of a personal one-to-one chakra balancing session is £75.