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Holistic Healing Practitioner

About Me

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I am a Member of the Association & Register of Colon Hydrotherapists (M.A.R.C.H), a Registered Homeobotanical Therapist (R.Hb) and a Founder Member of the Homeobotanical Institute. These are qualifications I have held for some 14 years. I am also a qualified hypnotherapist with the Hypnotherapy Society UK.

My healing abilities first came to light when I met a colony of feral cats at the age of eight. I found that they trusted me and allowed me to help with their various maladies. As I matured these abilities transferred to my work caring for humans as a healer and spiritual counsellor. For a long time I ran the Claremont Natural Healing Centre, a holistic health and treatment centre based in Surbiton.

I now offer a range of one-to-one client sessions, including hands-on energy healing and chakra balancing, tarot and angel card readings, meditation classes, psychic and spiritual development workshops, hypnotherapy and colonic hydrotherapy.

If you are unable to come to me, you may wish instead to try my Annette 21 Days healing programme. This works entirely over the Internet, providing you with directed healing energies along with daily email messages and meditation recordings that you can follow. Go to for more information.

Personal readings and healing are also available via Skype. For more information email me directly at or use the contact form.

“Annette 21 Days is gradual process of releasing yourself from shackles that have kept you back for many years and walking out into the sunshine at last! The meditations are worth their weight in gold and keep you calm and grounded throughout the course.  The programme has had a positive impact on my relationships. In one particular example I found myself far more capable to stay calm when things were difficult and also to be far more honest with myself and the other person. This is possibly the first time in my life that I have been able to discuss a relationship with such honesty and really speak from the heart. It also seems to have had a positive impact on him too! I have also felt far less stressed and instead of constantly trying to force things, I have been able to relax and wait for things to happen at the right time. Generally I have felt more powerful and far more able to meet challenges along the way. I have also found myself to be far more proactive and less inclined to procrastinate. Another bonus is that I'm feeling far more confident and am finding myself taking a few more risks than usual out of my comfort zone. A lot of the fear that I've been carrying around seems to have melted away.  If you live away and don't have access to such workshops, like in my situation, this is a wonderful way to be able to experience healing from a distance and quite obviously you don't need to be there in person.”
  — Jane M, UK