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Holistic Healing Practitioner

Angel Cards Readings

Angel Cards

Angels are messengers to and from the divine. They are pure spirit and are created from the love energy of God. When we pray to God he sends his angels. We all have a guardian angel who lovingly watches over us as well as many other angels close by depending on our life and circumstances.

By asking our angels for help and following their guidance, our lives can start to be transformed. Guidance may come in dreams, intuitive thoughts, a chance meeting, a book, a radio, a magical meeting with your angel - or through using the Angel Cards.

How does it work? Angel Cards are a divination tool which allows the seeker to receive messages from their angels. Each card gives you the name of an angel, the message and an explanation. It is based on the seeker's energy and communication with their angel.

Why have an Angel Card Reading? Whether you need help on work, health, relationships or other personal issues, the angels will guide and support you to make the best choices.

A reading will give you the direction you seek and a greater understanding of your spiritual path. If you have a situation or relationship that is troubling you, an reading can bring you the clarity you need.

What happens during a reading? To prepare for your reading I suggest that you write down a list of 10 Questions that you would like to be answered. This will help to concentrate your mind on the angels' messages. Don't worry if you can't think of that many questions or if there is only one question that is foremost - what is important is that you focus on your questions and concentrate exclusively on them.

Then you will choose your cards. We are all one with the Divine Energy that permeates the universe. Using your energy, your angels will guide you to choose the proper cards. Once your cards have been chosen, the answers to your questions will be revealed.

I will of course support and guide you throughout your reading session, which normally takes about 1 hour.

The cost of a one-to-one reading session is £75. If you are unable to come to me then I can also perform the reading session remotely via telephone or Skype. For a remote reading you should, if at all possible, have your phone or computer in a private and quiet place where we will both be able to concentrate on your questions and the reading.

If you are not so sure about the questions you want to address, or if you would like more indication of what the future may hold for you, then the Tarot Cards may provide you with such answers.